Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Seems like a solid plan for life. We all get so bogged down with complaining about what we don't like. Why don't we just rather build our own lights throughout our tunnel vision ;), not just at the end.

Pick your pocket and sprinkle the enthusiasm and action everywhere.

Just Thrive!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Hey Monday...

Just callling to say, we have work to do.
Happy Monday bloglets. So much to get done and well, just will get through it one tick of the to-do list at a time.

Be the sunshine in your space. Carry the sparkle with you.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Final countdown...2016

Salt water is the cure for everything! Rain isn't exactly it, but we've been showered with blessings over the past few days, here in this beautiful country of ours at the most Southern tip of Africa. A rainy Christmas was so beautiful.

Reading through a weekly horoscope today, I scrolled down and saw that they alredy had my 2017 horoscope revealed! I chose not to click that link! I will wait for 2017 for that!

The wonder of this year is that I have learnt not to be in a hurry. Enjoy doing things in their time and also learning to let go and when it's not the time. I am grateful.

I've learnt patience this year and to be present in the moment. Work in progress on this part, but you know what, progress none the less. Forward is the direction!

May this week be wonderous in 2016. May you savour each of the days that remain of this glorious year.

Love and light and lightness.

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